Self-Taping Story Telling Tips

helpful tips for a good video submission

  • Be prepared with your story and timing. We cannot use videos that are too long, 1-2 minutes or less ideally.
  • Make sure the main light source comes from BEHIND THE CAMERA. We want your amazing faces to be lit well and without major shadows.
  • Keep background free of clutter so that the focus remains on the storyteller
  • Ideally, your camera should be put on a tripod to maintain a steady image. But you can also use a stable surface if need be.
  • Set up your camera to film yourself in horizontal/landscape format.
  • Frame from CHEST UP without too much headroom (space above your head). Make sure we can see your face.
  • Record a sample to make sure your voice can be heard clearly. If we cannot hear your story we aren’t able to share it.
  • Place your camera positioned at eye level or slightly above. Avoid shooting from under your chin.
  • Direct your story into the camera as if you are telling it to a good friend or group.
  • Avoid LOGOS, busy patterns on clothing like stripes
  • Please do not post or share your videos or any information online including any social media platform. Once we post, you may repost/share at that time from our pages.
  • Please add into our WETRANSFER using this link: HTTPS://

Thank you, we are truly excited to hear your stories and see how you tell them! We believe

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